Can You Drive after a Root Canal?

If your dentist has recommended root canal therapy, you probably want to prepare for the procedure. Knowing if you can go about your normal routine following the process is essential. One question that most dental patients ask is whether they are allowed to drive or whether they should bring a trusted driver to their appointment.

What the Procedure Entails

A root canal is a procedure performed to remove tooth infection. It is a simple procedure that entails the following:

  • The dentist provides local anesthesia to numb your mouth to ensure you do not feel pain during the procedure.
  • They will then drill a hole into your tooth to remove the pulp in your tooth.
  • They will disinfect the canals and seal your tooth by placing a filling.

Is it Safe to Drive after the Procedure?

Your mouth should remain numb to allow you to arrive home before experiencing discomfort or pain. Typically, dentists use local anesthesia. You can drive home safely, but there are a few things to consider.

For example, if local anesthetic does not last long enough for you or you have a low pain tolerance, you should consider getting someone to drive you from the dental office. The last thing you want is to experience pain that will distract you from the road during your drive home.

When to get Someone to Drive you After the Procedure

If you have ever had a root canal treatment or a dental filling, you can use that experience to assess your ability to drive home after the procedure. Besides, if another procedure accompanies the root canal treatment, you may want to get a ride home. Spending much time at the dental office can be tiring and affect your driving ability.

Other reasons why you should consider getting someone else to drive you include:

  • If your Fountain Valley dentist uses general anesthesia or sedation to reduce anxiety, you shouldn't drive immediately after the procedure or in the next 12-24 hours.
  • If you are given a narcotic medication at the dental office, you should get an individual to drive you home after the procedure. Narcotic medicines can cause drowsiness that can make driving unsafe.

When Can You Go Back to Work?

A few hours after the procedure, your mouth may feel numb. You may experience mild pain or sensitivity when the numbing stops. Various patients have different reactions to root canal treatment. Generally, you should be able to conduct your daily activities one day after the root canal. If your work is demanding, you may want to take a few days off to prevent bleeding complications.

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Whether or not to drive after a root canal procedure depends on your body's reaction to the treatment. If you had complications after a previous root canal treatment or are skeptical about your ability to drive, plan to get a ride home.

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